• Dimitri Gonatas


Updated: Jan 30

Software starts with an idea to solve a problem. Developers use logic to architect a working, practical solution for that problem. Depending on how effective and elegant this idea is, it can germinate in the minds of thousands of developers working on a single software ecosystem. This can be seen at some of the largest enterprise businesses using software, like a bank or hyper scale cloud provider. If the idea is effective enough at solving the problem, the software developed has an organic way of growing, distributing and implementing the solution. And for this to move forward, developers need to be inspired to make it happen.

Intro our new service, PYGIO Labs: bringing people together to build team topologies that accelerate sustainable software development. Your pop-up solution laboratory located in the heart of Eastern Europe, Ukraine. A PYGIO Lab is a notional offshore office where you can scale your team with minimal hassle of recruitment, overheads or long term contract lock-ins. The work behind setting up your next physical office in Europe is on us.

Why “Labs”? Well, we think of this as an experimental environment in which complex problems go to incubate and emerge understandable, refined and clear. PYGIO Labs is a technically specialised and scalable (up and down) hub for businesses to grow with workload demand. We have nurtured and developed relationships with leading, trusted developers, communities and co-working spaces in Kyiv, Lviv and other parts of Ukraine and Eastern European countries to enable this service. Scale and growth is the primary objective of any business using software, and we want to make this easy for you. Make Kyiv your second, third or fourth office location wherever you are based. What we do:

  • Use our market research on skills, technologies and rates to achieve your objective

  • Understand your project pipeline and see where we can unlock value from your biggest customers or projects

  • Work with our development community to establish a capability for you

  • Maintain payroll, equipment, office space, project management, employee benefits and other overheads

  • Develop a team to become your own!

Software is developed by the blood, sweat and carpal tunnel syndrome of software engineers. The act of coding is value creation at the most basic level. However, software is an intangible asset and its development can be risky, expensive and complex. We seek to make your software development journey structured and simple.


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