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Updated: Jan 30

Salesforce is a leading CRM service, built in the cloud. Salesforce developers are in demand.

Here are some of our insights from our journey with Salesforce:

  • The Salesforce platform has great UX/UI which creates an easy-to-navigate front end for users. People work with this software on a daily basis, they spend significant time on it, so why should it not be neat, attractive and powerful.

  • Legacy systems integration into Salesforce back end: Most large enterprises have numerous disparate systems which are used to operate their business. Salesforce allows integration with and unification of these systems through the use of APIs and its platform tools.

  • Salesforce is developed using APEX, a language very similar to Java.

  • Salesforce’s back end is straight forward to configure, with compelling partner programs for developers to learn and create unique value on the platform.

  • Because of Salesforce’s maturity, it has packages specialised for each industry. For example, for a financial services company, Salesforce has Financial Services Cloud, and developers can then get certified.

  • Salesforce has a solid partner program when compared to other CRMs and the hyper-scalers too. Their certification programmes, up-skilling and training channels are simple, inexpensive and constantly evolving. This creates a low barrier to entry for developers to build on Salesforce and allows the platform to lead in modern architecture.

  • Salesforce allows you to build your own modules on top of their back end.

  • In a labour intensive market, Salesforce can automate many robotic processes still used by numerous organisations today, like in South Africa.

  • Salesforce provides a business visibility, control and oversight into business operations.

  • The platform allows for companies to get smarter through data analytics embedded in Salesforce’s tools like Einstein.

  • Sales management and marketing insights inferred from a 360 degree view on customers.

What can our network of partners offer:

  • 15+ years of experience integrating Salesforce for enterprises.

  • Platinum Salesforce partnership.

  • 800+ developers to help implement these solutions.

  • 7+ custom built products on Salesforce through our partners. For example, our partners have created their own industry specific versions of Salesforce in the Healthcare sector. Some of their tools include tailor made document management, presentation tools, mobile device management software and more.


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