• Dimitri Gonatas


Greetings from Frankfurt -> next stop, Kyiv!

Mask-wearing between airplane bites, Covid has made travel more complicated and uncomfortable. That being said, we would have never have had the opportunity to meet a vibrant group of Ukrainian entrepreneurs if there was no Covid. The pandemic has knitted together communities from around the globe through an online metaverse (Zoom, Social, email and text). At PYGIO, a borderless company born in the cloud, this is part of our DNA.

To understand more about what we are on about, see some of the reasons driving the tech boom in Ukraine and Eastern Europe here. I am looking forward to meeting our team in Ukraine. We have worked together for over 12 months "virtually" and now we get to physically shake hands, and maybe even share a hug! Yup, I am up for a hug if you are.


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