• Dimitri Gonatas


Ukraine is not much older than me! Reading this Forbes article about Ukraine’s 30 year milestone as an independent state allows me the opportunity to compare how similar my life is to this 30-year-old country.

One only really starts to find one’s purpose, style and direction in their 20s. This journey never ends, but one gets a sense of where they are headed in this period of their life. You experiment, question, learn - and importantly, you have to work harder than the rest. This is what Ukraine is to me: a place where talent is not limited and hard work is rewarded. You should see what's going on over there.

My experience working with, and building Ukrainian friendships has been about curiosity and taking calculated risks. Like the country itself, our peers are working hard, having fun and innovating beyond its their preconceived boundaries. Ukraine has just been through its own cultural identity discovery phase. Some awkward growing pains remain, but immense potential has erupted in every avenue of life. We are all just trying to figure out if there is a better way to do things.

I look forward to my trip there in October. Software engineering, tech start-ups and new culture - as well as spending time with the next generation of innovators. We know that Kyiv is going to become a legendary city whose name will be spoken alongside London, New York, Singapore or Tokyo. Happy 30th Birthday, Ukraine! 🇺🇦


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