• Dimitri Gonatas


The last month has been our most important for PYGIO. We have gained new clients and grew our existing base by 20%. Each of our clients are happy and winning because of our products and services. This, all while our being at war. Some of the PYGIO team have had to deal with circumstances that very few people would ever experience in their lives. Here are some PYGIO company stats during Russia’s war on Ukraine:

- 27% of team relocated internally in Ukraine

- 16% of team relocated to Western Europe

- 50% of team remained in their home city

Most of the above (im)migrant staff have plans to be back in the next month. Now, we are hiring talent in other regions: Czech Republic, Poland, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Azerbaijan while doubling our efforts to recruit in Ukraine. Our business has necessarily expanded.

We help South African businesses develop software and compete globally. We have been leveraging engineers from Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, to service our demand. Every Ukrainian has been affected by this war in their own way, and our team is not immune. However, in true resilient Ukrainian fashion, the people we work with in Ukraine have continued to work. We have had no downtime and the teams are all continuing to grind. Our developers redefine "universal soldiers" as they tackle their work and care for their families while their countrymen are on the front line and missiles whistle past their windows.

Our mission has been sharpened; focussed by the events of the last month. It is important now more than ever to hire from Ukraine. We would be nowhere without our clients, but we would also be nowhere without our teams on the ground in Ukraine.

Are you working on a technical project? Looking for an off-the-shelf system that "just isn't right" for your business? If you are building the next:

- payment platform

- data analytics engine

- conveyancing software

- banking portal

- trading platform

- marketplace

- manufacturing system

- industrial technology management software

- and more

... we help you build it yourself!


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