Just about every business runs on software.

Technology is what allows us to automate mundane tasks, like inventory tracking, and improves our lives in simple ways like taking a photo. Software is at the periphery of this advancement.


The days of paper-based business transactions are coming to a close. “Digital transformation” is accelerating, as businesses change with the times, and software sits at the heart of all this.


Software keeps the lights on, literally. Yup, ask any one who has a smart house. It is all about the software.


Every app on your phone is a software program. All of these applications often run over the Internet, which requires communications between the app program and other systems in the background (often referred to as the backend systems - linked through APIs).  For each component of this ecosystem to function smoothly and securely it often means a lot of work has been done in the software domain, and the work never ends, as the software continually gets updated and improved.


For every new iPhone that is released, our pockets are filled with hardware that improved twofold from its predecessor, while the software improved fivefold or tenfold in that same increment of time. The effect is an order of 10x or 20x in total improvement. Every year.


PYGIO people love ordering food from food delivery services. It is so easy, and so convenient. The app itself works so well – it makes ordering food online fun. You get to see when the food is on the road, on its way to you, with the delivery dude’s name, and what time it will arrive. When we travel we would generally book a hotel online via a web site or  an app on your phone. Same for an airline reservation. Paying bills is typically too. Reading the news, watching a film, listening to music… all of this is online. Software makes it all possible. Of course, communications these days is all digital and software is part of the magic.

A final anecdote that hits home: you can take a photo here in Kyiv and send it to your mom in Johannesburg and then she can take her phone to the mall, and get the photo printed and the quality of the image will be perfect. To your mom this is magic. You can snap away and in the blink of an eye your mom has the pics on her phone. Yes, it is magic. She probably still remembers taking a spool of film from her instamatic camera to the chemist and then waiting about a week to get the photos, which had a brown tinge to them and this was not cheap. These days we can take as many photos as we want, and send them around the planet at light speed, from one phone to another, and it is easy and costs basically nothing. Software, hardware (the smartphone) and the Internet is allowing all of this to happen. Magical digital technology and software is what enables all of this and makes the user experience fun and simple.

Take a look at the apps on your phone. So many of these software programs have replaced the physical counterpart from the real world. These virtual manifestations keep coming. The calculator, radio, map book, compass, torch, spirit level, television, remote control, notepad, books, music, movies and many more very complicated tools. These now all exists in virtual format on your phone. All of these are created by programmers, writing software, all across the globe.


If you were building a business and needed software to help you, who do you call?


Say you have a thriving enterprise and you want to streamline processes and help manage various business functions, then the chances are you are investing in software development. The demand for software developers is sky high and there is not enough supply. This is where we fit in.


We are here to help.

Software is eating the world

- Marc Andreessen